Advice for Tryouts and This Upcoming Season

 Some Advice for Tryouts and This Upcoming Season

With the Coaches
 - Tryouts and Practice (and Games)

·      Introduce yourself to new coaches and players.

·      Acknowledge your coaches when you get into practice, a cage or a drill (if it allows)

o   Say thank you and be appreciative of their help when it’s over.

·      Tell the truth and be accountable if you made a mistake. Trust goes a long way. 

o   Find a way to get better instead of finding a way to make an excuse.

·      Respectful players and good teammates get more chances and last longer. Remember that. 

·      Show them what you can do to help the team win. Being adaptable is extremely beneficial.

·      Be someone the coaches and your teammates want to be around. Your energy can go a long way.

·      Listen way more than you talk. Find a way to learn.

o   “You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.” – Nick Saban 


With the Team

·      Be an energy giver, not an energy taker.

·      It’s cool to care.          Average isn’t cool.       Getting better is cool.            Doing your best to win is cool.

·      Be the best teammate on your team. 

o   Make it about the team, not yourself.

o   Celebrate your teammates success.

o   Pick them up when they make a mistake.

o   Help those who need it and protect each other.

·      Find a way to help the team win. That may be knowing your role and being the best player you can be in that role.

o   If you don’t like that role, see what you need to work on to get out of it and do as best as you can until you can take advantage of an opportunity to get a bigger one. 

·      Play to win – Focus on every rep in practice and every pitch in the game with your best effort.


For yourself

·      Focus on what you can control – your effort, attitude and focus.

·      If you make a mistake learn from it and move on. Your focus is on making the next rep better or making the next play.

·      Become the best version of you. It starts with what is going on in your head. Win that battle first. 

o   Visualize yourself having success. 

o   Control your breathing. 

o   Work to make things flow! You can’t be smooth if you aren’t under control.

·      Challenge yourself - Focus on what you need to do to get better and help make the team better. 

·      Be around other players who challenge you and make you better. 

o   If you are going to Compare yourself to someone, do so to those who work hard for their success and sustain it. Success leaves clues.

·      Become your own best coach.

o   Don’t be afraid to ask the coaches what you need to do to get better. However, you should be able to think critically for yourself and figure out what you need to do to get better.

·      Discipline in your work and discipline with your thoughts = Freedom when you play.

·      Be humble in your accomplishments and accountable for your mistakes. 

·      Be Confident and be Authentic. You don’t need to be like everyone else.



Don’t let the pressure out do the pleasure!

Be where your feet are and enjoy your time playing!


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